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In his daily guided survival fight the people of Naples for centuries invent a thousand species of small activities. Most of these professions before industrialisation also exited in other European cities. But here they survived. In this way Naples preserve its traits from the greek past: A city of markets and theatres.

The water carrier

The water carrier, who has his permanent place in the life of the simple people of Naples since a long time, as his colleague the lemonade seller, offered to the passers a welcome refreshment in the strong summer heat. The water was stored in terracotta amphora (mummare). Sometimes he added also lemons, oranges or Elderberry Juice.

Market Town

Between 17 And the 19th Century, the small business included more and more places and streets of the city. Today, the streets seller (especially the cigarette dealer) offer their goods at short constructed stalls, so that some districts seemed like small market towns.

Narrator rover

The street poet, who accompanied his presentation with singing as to the type of ancient troubadours, focused his hero songs to the works of the Ariosto and the Tasso and brought them to the people. In the 19th Century, he was replaced by the organ grinder.

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