Apartments in Rome, Sicily and in the Amalfi coast.

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Another historic Roman bill, the PALATINE, looks over the Forum, preserving unforgettable memories in the greenery of its luxuriant vegetation. During the Republic, the Patrician families dwelt on the Palatine. Quintus Hortensius, the celebrated orator who emulated Cicero, lived here in a house given him by Augustus. When Augustus became Emperor, he made his imperial residence on the Palatine. Afterwards Tiberius, Caligula, the Flavii and Septimius Severus built palaces here. The Palatine was the cradle of Rome. Here, according to legend, Romulus traced the square outline of the first city with a plough; here was, the seat of the Kings. Because of this the hill was chosen as the residence of the Caesars and up to Septimius Severus, no Emperor left it. On entering by the Arch of Titus, turning to the left, we climb on the right the Clivus Palatinus and following the stairs on the right, we reach the splendid Villa Farnese with its 16th century pavilion and gardens, supported by the powerful arches of the Domus Tiberiana. From the terrace on the left, we descend the steps to the Area Palatina, where among other venerable memories there are the ruins of the temple of the Magna Mater with the seated statue of Cibele, fragments of the walls of square Rome, some blocks of tufa supposed to belong to the hut of Romulus and traces of the Scalae Caci, the primitive access to the Palatine. In the square, an archaic cistern (6th to 5th century B.C.).