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Positano by night

Positano, which lies between three valleys called Pertuso, Comune and Paipo, was founded by the inhabitants of Paestum who had fled from their homes, sacked by invaders. In the ear 1000 it became the seat of a Benedictine abbey, which for many years kept the common people in a stat of indescribable poverty. In the end they rebelled and laid the foundations for Positano’s future prosperity by setting up one of the biggest shipyards in the area. During its period of economic splendour Positano belonged to various nobles, among whom were Alfonso il Magnanimo, Blanch Marquis of Oliveto, and other powerful men of the times. Its decline began in the eighteenth century, and culminated in the desertion of the town by a large number of its inhabitants. Among Positano’s architectural features are three outer towers built for protection by Viceroy Don Pietro of Toledo, and five inner towers of great historical interest. Also worthy of note are the church of Santa Maria Assunta and the beautiful Roman villa, in which the visitor relives the pomp and grandeur of ancient Rome. Positano also has several gardens, and all in all is to be considered one of the most interesting places for the tourist on the Amalfi coast.