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The island Procida

The livelier type of tourism which animates the islands of Capri and Ischia has passed Procida by with indifference. Procida has remained genuine in all respects. In its narrow winding alleyways one may even see a street-vender with his donkey; one may find the largest lemons in the entire Gulf on its trees; its long, sandy beaches are never overcrowded, while the fishermen’s’ characteristic paranze (“fishing trawlers”) are moored in small harbours, waiting to be put to sea. Also Procida has an interesting Castle: it dominates the island so imposingly that one almost forgets that at present it houses a prison. A little way from the castle rises the San Michele Abbey, richly adorned, with many valuable works of art. Like Ischia Castle, this Abbey has suffered many vicissitudes linked to the Saracen victories and subsequent historical events.