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Museo Nazionale Etrusco a Chiusi

The ancient Etruscan centre, which is located in a beautiful position on a hill, experienced its years of glory between the fifth and seventh century BC, as its power threatened Rom and Romís King Porsenna was only a few steps away of the victory over Tarquinio Superb. From the time of the Etruscans have been preserved some nice graves in the vicinity and a strange tunnel systems, that goes through the sub oil of the whole country. The road has been constructed in typical roman style. In fact, Chiusi belonged to Rome in the beginning of the third century BC. The magnificent Cathedral is originally from the sixth century but has undergone many changes in the nineteenth century. The pillars in the interior are remnants of some buildings from the Roman period. Right next to the cathedral is the Museo Nazionale Etrusco. The material that you can find there, is mainly from Chiusi: Sculptures, Bucchero vases, urns and painted vases.