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The Fortress of Galluzzo

Certosa del Galluzzo

Across the ancient Via Cassia, the street that once connected the two cities of Florence and Rome, after the ascent of San Gaggio, you reach Galluzzo. After the end of the village on the right hand you can see the hill Montecuto, which is crowned by the elegant, architecturally impressive fortress. Together with the one in Pavia, it is one of the most beautiful fortresses in Italy. The in the middle of the IXV century founded construction, despite the many changes in the following centuries, preserved its overall structure. The fortress has a deserved reputation for the amenities of the place, in the midst of a charming hill country, and for its cycle of frescoes by Pontormo. The monastery was founded in 1342 by Niccolò Acciaioli, son of a noble family from Florence. The relative distance from the city suggested to strengthen the fortifications of the convent. The characteristic of the fortress are the severity deal with the rules and the close relationship with the world of culture. This justifies the existence of a rich library and a valuable art gallery.