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The Cathedral

Piazza del Duomo

Grosseto has been formed in the X. Century, when the inhabitants of the nearby Roselle moved there, after their town has been destroyed by the Saracens. In the XII. Century, the free commune got part of the scythes, before it finally was incorporated in the Grand Mediceo. Its small historic centre is surrounded by a wall from the year 1500 (also built by the Medici) and own valuable monuments. The cathedral, built in the XIII. – XIV. Century has been restructured a lot of times: Its façade is very modern. Inside the cathedral there are a baptismal font from the year 1400 and a charming picture of Matteo di Giovanni, that shows the Ascension. A building on the left of the cathedral houses the Diocesan Museum with paintings by Sassetta and other Sienese schools.