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Massa Marittima

Il portale della Fortezza dei Senesi

Massa Marittima is a small city with medieval flair and of great artistic interest. The town is divided in two parts: the Old Town with its ancient monuments in the lower and the New Town in the upper part. In the area there are important mineral deposits. The commune, with has been probably developed from an Etruscan settlement, was an important bishop’s seat from the ninth century. Thanks to the numerous copper and silver mines nearby, the city quickly succeeded in wealth and power. Despite all the little town could not resist the power by Siena and was conquered in 1335, before it finally passed to the Grand Duke of Tuscany in the sixteenth century. The heart of the Old Town is the Garibaldi square, which is surrounded by magnificent buildings. The Palazzo pretorio from the year 1230, houses the Archaeological Museum with the Civic Art Gallery.