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The Main Fountain

The Main Fountain

The fountain Fontana Maggiore is located in the beautiful Umbrian city of Perugia and is one of the most famous of all medieval fountain in Italy. It was the in 1254 decided concluding of an investment of several aqueducts, which headed the water from the 3 km away Monte Paccino to city hill. It is divided in three levels. The lowest, largest part consists of marble, the Middle by countless columns on the edge and one in the middle. Every 2nd corner of the twenty four corners lead to the interior. At the top there are three young Graces, who carry the Amphora, which donates water. The many forms and figures consist of a comprehensive programme: At the bottom three thematic cycles represent the life of the world: the human history, the monthly work together with the craft and the Artes liberals (the seven liberal arts) with the embodiment of philosophy. The upper part shows 12-page the world of prophets, saints, angels and the figure of Perugia that raised to the goddess. In 1948 the fountain has been completely restored.