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The Duomo

The Duomo of Spoleto

This 12th-century Romanesque cathedral has a majestic façade, graced by rose windows and a beautiful 1207 mosaic by Solsterno depicting Christ in typical Byzantine style, flanked by saints against a magnificently gilded background. Because of the position of the church in a declivity on the slope of the hill, you can get a spectacular view looking down on the Duomo and its piazza. The Duomo’s campanile (bell tower) was pieced together using stone looted from Roman temples. The church’s interior, refurbished in the 17th century, still has the original mosaic floor in the central nave. In a niche at the entrance is the bronze bust of Urban VIII by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Among all the treasures inside, the most important are in the apse, which was decorated in the 15th century with great Filippo Lippi frescoes, including the brooding and powerful Morte della Vergine (Death of the Virgin Mary). The final concert of the Spoleto Festival is held every hear in the piazza in front of the Duomo.